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Revenant Cave Rewards Empty Revenant Cave Rewards

on Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:12 am
Viggora was the creator of the Slayer Tower, and the only human being among the Empty Lord's reliable generals. During his period serving the Empty God, he wielded a great chainmace against his foes. Right after his death, his chainmace was claimed by a fans of Zamorak, who tried it extensively during the God Battles. Although the God Wars tend to be long over, many individuals still cling to this world because revenants. Among these revenants, the wielder of Viggora's Chainmace can still be discovered.

Viggorra's chainmace is a tradeable 1-handed flail that can offer additional damage to Wilderness NPCs. It has stats similar to that a Dragon scimitar, an excellent charged with a minimum of one thousand Revenant ether, an additional half Melee accuracy and half Melee damage boost is actually activated vs any Backwoods NPC.

1 Revenant spirit is used per hit, even though a hit misses. Any Fant?me ether stored within the chainmace is always dropped on demise when inside the Wilderness.

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