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The Best PoE Builds Empty The Best PoE Builds

on Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:01 pm
Among my favorite builds is connecting Righteous Fire to the totems and running Agonizing Bond. It's an extremely simple build to get started with, also it completely melts everything in the path. There is very little content material you can't clear with this develop, and I highly recommend it.
Nevertheless, you should feel free to explore some other spells since they all will vary flavors and benefits: you really can't go wrong along with totems.

I know that each veteran PoE player is actually waiting for this, so I will just get it out of the method right now: yes, Sunder continues to be very much a viable option within 3.1. It do take a light tap through the nerf bat, but it continues to be arguably one of the single greatest melee skills in PoE. On top of that, it has long been known as one of the best leveling skills hanging around and can rocket new gamers to high levels.
Every enemy hit by the primary spell releases an additional AoE wave that deals further damage. You can imagine the fatal chaos this creates amid enemy ranks. If you are a person who likes to play a melee character in games this way, Sunder is your savior, considering that most other melee skills receive beaten out by totems or ranged builds.
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