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Obtain Craw’s Bow OSRS, Thammaron's Sceptre & More from Revenants

on Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:44 am
Eventually, we have a chance to get Craw's Bow OSRS, Thammaron's sceptre, Viggora's chainmace, and the Amulet of avarice from revenants, which have passed the polls and been released in sport. Right now you can have a thorough learning about these new rewards. And there is runescape gold for sale on our site.

Craw's bow: having the same bonuses for the magic shortbow

As a exceptional drop from revenants within the Revenant Caves, the modern shortbow - Craws'bow requires Ranged level 60 to wield. And without having a special attack, it gives the same bonuses as the secret shortbow.

Besides, when incurred with a minimum of 1000 revenant ether, there will be extra fifty percent ranged accuracy and injury boost applied when targeting any NPC in the Wild. And this effect will heap with a slayer helmet or possibly a salve amulet and their versions, although not both simultaneously. In addition, if dead in the Wild, you will lose any esprit ether stored within the ribbon, even if it is one of your own personal protected items.

Thammaron's sceptre: having the same bonuses for the reason that master wand

Another exceptional drop within the caves rapid Thammaron's sceptre can be wielded with at least Magic levels 60 and shares a similar bonuses as the master wand.
After charged with a minimum 1, 000 revenant azure, an extra 100% magic accuracy and reliability and 25% magic harm boost will be applied whenever attacking any NPC within the Wilderness, which also will collection with a a slayer headgear or a salve amulet and their variants.

What is more, you can learn the details about Viggora's chainmace and the Amulet of avarice from our previous information. And don't forget buy Cheap Rs Gold from us.
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